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40 Plus Years of Experience

Rockin J Outfitters is owned and operated by myself, Captain Jason Geigenmiller. I have been fishing the bays and back lakes of the Rockport area since I was 4 years old and now being in my forties, I continue the hunt for trophy fish such as redfish, speckled trout, flounder, black drum and many other inshore species. Specializing in artificial baits and sight fishing, we also have so much more to offer. From the novice angler to the seasoned angler, we have packages suitable for any level. Customer service and education are the most important keys to being a successful fishing guide, and our service is second to none. So quit wishing and lets go fishing!


Fishes Against Some of the Best

My passion for competing started in 2004 when an old tournament partner and myself won our first tournament. Going into this particular tournament, we had in mind that it was going to be a fun learning experience. Anyone can catch fish, but searching for the correct fish is what separates us from the rest! I was a seasoned angler at this point in 2004, but competing wasn't ever on my mind until then. Now, almost two decades later, I'm still here competing and at the top of my game! From sponsors, to being on major television, my game has escalated. It was not an easy road, but my passion gave me the drive and the will to learn. After all the time fishing at a professional level, I have come to realize, you're never to smart to get smarter and never to old to learn!  

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